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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Need Traffic? YouTube It!

If you haven't tapped into the video world, you may want to consider it. Not only does video help build credibility for your site, it builds traffic too.

Just like a website on, you can optimize your video for YouTube searches, and drive more targeted traffic to your video.

Learn how to turn this YouTube traffic into more visits for your site.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Are You On Google's Hit List?

I wrote this article about a year and a half ago, but thought it was worth re-emphasizing because I continue to see thieves stealing my content.

Lazy people still don't get it. Rather than working hard to get Google to love their content, they still believe the best way to get a top ranking in Google is to steal someone else's content who is ranked high.

(shaking my head)

They don't realize Google is much smarter than they used to be. They ignore duplicate content and often will shell out heavy penalties if they find you plaigerizing someone else's content.

How does a permanent ban sound to you?

The bottom line is... shortcuts don't work. Stealing someone else's work, may seem quick and easy because you don't have to do the work. But is it worth getting banned from a traffic source that can provide you with thousands and thousands of free, targeted traffic everyday? I don't think so.

Do the work.

Be original.

You WILL be rewarded in the long-run.

Subtle Affiliate Marketing Rocks!

A fellow Site Build It! (SBI!) customer contacted me today. Someone emailed her a compliment regarding her website,, and went on about how she loved the site and would like the SBI! owner to design one for her.

The new SBI! customer was honored by the compliment, but didn't know how to respond. After all, she didn't design her site from scratch. She used Site Build It! and was not in the business of designing sites for other people. She just wants to make money from her own website.

I told her this was the perfect opportunity to tell her admirer about the web host she used. Not only will the admirer learn how to build her own website, but this is a great time for her to plug SBI!.

This is affiliate marketing at its best, folks.

In this case, the SBI! owner wouldn't even have to push the product down the admirer's throat. After all, the lady emailed HER about her site first.

This is when you simply take the opportunity to tell your story about the product you own, why you love it and more importantly how it can help the person asking the questions.

That's why it's so important to own the products you promote. When you can talk enthusiastically about its features, this builds your credibility level and increases the chances someone will buy from your link.

Imagine how excited the admirer is going to be when she finds out the SBI! owner is not a designer and used Site Build It! to build her site in minutes. Instantly her curiosity for SBI! will rise, and a subtle plug from another SBI! customer may be the convincing she needs.

And thanks to the generous SiteSell affiliate program, this SBI! owner is on her way to earning a quick $75 for the referral AND $75 every year this potential buyer owns Site Build It!. Yes, SiteSell's commissions are of the residual and lifetime variety.

Pretty cool, eh?

See? Affiliate marketing doesn't have to be about flashy banners and links that say "Buy this now!". Sometimes owning a product and making a subtle recommendation to an admirer is a much more effective combination. After all... it's worked for me for years. :)

Which method do you use?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ashamed To Be An Affiliate?

OK, I don't normally like to duplicate my blog posts, but I just blogged about this on my site and felt it was worthy of a repeat here.

You know you're doing something right when people ask you to provide them with your affiliate link before they buy a product.

That's what happened today in my forum, And to be honest, it's not the first time I've been asked.

In my opinion, this says so much about the importance of PREselling a product. When you give useful information, build credibility by actually proving you use the product... you'll find many people will WANT to make sure you earn the commission for the sale.

Honesty is an element that is missing from so many affiliate sites. So when people find it... they value it and are often happy to reward you for it.

When I first got started with affiliate marketing, I used to do everything I could to hide the fact I was getting a commission. But that was because most products I promoted, I didn't really use.

Well, I've come full circle in affiliate marketing and now could care less if people realize I am an affiliate. After all, I now only promote products I believe in so what's there to hide?

Yes, I do earn a commission when people buy Site Build It! through my link and I'm OK with people knowing that. But I also make sure they know I actually use and love the product. And that's the difference.

So the next time you try to disguise the fact you are an affiliate. Ask yourself why? Do you have something to hide?

Yes, some people may be turned off by the fact you are getting a commission, but if you do a good job in PREselling and show you really own and use the product, those who buy because of your honesty will outweigh those who don't by far.

And from time to time, you'll get the nice surprise of being asked to confirm your affiliate link before they buy. Wow! ;)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hire a Web Designer? Really?

You know absolutely nothing about web design and the thought of creating your site intimidates you. So it's just best to pay someone to do the site for you right?

Not necessarily.

Read this article for my thoughts on the subject.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sample Money-Making Sites

Thinking of buying Site Build It! but not exactly sure if it's for you or how you can apply it? Take a sneak peek at some sample sites equipped with stories from the SBI! owners.

This site proves that SBI! will help you monetize (make money) with almost any topic you can come up with. All you have to do is follow your passion and let SBI!'s guide lead you to success.

View the sample sites here.